Professional Training

Learning occurs for participants when the course material is relevant and challenging and when contributions are sought, acknowledged and valued.

All of our training courses are clearly communicated and learners are motivated through developing interest in the subject matter and training information is applied to their daily activities.

Food Safety Training

Cases studies are used to emphasise the importance of how a food handler can impact food safety and their responsibility within the business. 

Health and Safety Training

In all programmes, participants are made aware of their own health and safety responsibility and that of their co -workers.

Real life workplace incidents and accidents are discussed to increase awareness and its positive impact on individuals and on the business.

How do we know the training provided is effective?

Observe the person carrying out the task and ask questions. 

Conducting a Food Safety/Health and Safety Audit will demonstrate if training is implemented as required. 

Any internal training provided within your business should be documented and kept on file. 

All employees Training Certificates must be easily accessible, either hard copy or electronically, for EHO and third-party inspections.

Training courses are tailored to suit each business and individual needs.

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