Food Safety Training

Apart from legal requirements, training and educating your team on the knowledge and skills will create a work place where staff understand and can implement the correct procedures.

We provide:

Food Safety & Allergen Awareness Training, Level 1 – View Course

Food Safety & Hygiene Training, Level 2 – View Course

The Management of Food Safety & Hygiene Training, Level 3 – View Course

Food Allergen Awareness and Controls – View Course

 Why Train your staff?   

  • It’s a legal requirement
  • Keeps staff up to date on legal requirements, company policies and procedures
  • Strengthen skills and creates empowerment and accountability 
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Create competency and confidence 
  • Promotes a feeling of value and a supportive workplace 
  • Reduces operational costs and promotes retention
  • Standards improve and work tasks can be shared
  • Promotes a positive culture where staff do care about the product and service to their customer and themselves
  • Leads to consumer confidence and satisfaction

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