Food Allergen Awareness and Controls

The participants will be trained to the requirements set out in the Guidance Note 28 Food Allergen Information on non pre packed food for Consumers. 

The course outcome will provide learners the knowledge of how to handle, store and prepare foods allergens in a safe and controlled way. 

This course is suitable for all food handlers, catering service staff, kitchen assistants, bar service staff, childcare assistants, retail and healthcare food service staff.

Course Content

  • Legislation of Allergens
  • Allergen Identification
  • Hazards associated with Allergens
  • Food Intolerances
  • Dealing with customer requests
  • Storage and handling of Allergens 
  • Labelling and display 
  • Workshop exercise

Assessment: Multipliable Choice Questionnaire

Course Duration: 2 Hours

Certification:  Certification in Food Allergens Awareness in the workplace

Maximum no of participants: 12 persons

Course material provided

On-site training is provided on days and times that suit the business and Training Courses are tailored if required. 

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This course can be provided online.

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