Lead Worker Representative

The participants will be trained to the requirements set out by the Government Back to Work Safely Protocol, The Health and Safety Authority of Ireland and HSE to help prevent the spread of COVID -19 within the workplace.

This programme will provide the learner with the knowledge and skill to collaborate and communicate between their co- workers and employer in mitigating the spread of COVID -19 and what measures to implement at every circumstance.   

A competent staff member with good communication skills can be A Lead Worker Representative.

Course content:

  • Health and Safety Legislation
  • Transmission of COVID -19 within the workplace
  • Lead Worker Representative role and responsibilities
  • Risk assessment
  • How to deal with COVID-19 suspect/confirmed case
  • Contact tracing log/ close contact
  • Preventative control measures checklist
  • Provisions of suitable PPE
  • Return to Work Process for employees
  • Supports for employee concerns
  • Communication skills

Assessment: Multipliable Choice Questionnaire

Course Duration: 2 Hours

Certification:  COVID-19 Lead Worker Representative Programme

Maximum no of participants: 12 persons

Course material provided

On-site training is provided on days and times that suit the business and Training Courses are tailored if required.

For more information on COVID -19 controls click on link below:


This course is also available online.

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